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Sports Zone COVID-19 Update

As of right now we do not have a start back up date. Once we get the “all is clear” from the President, NYS Governor and/or our County Executive, we will start back up. Ideally we can start up Sunday, May17th but reality will be after that.
There have been no cancelation of tournaments to date (except for Cooperstown Dreams Park). Most of these venues will not cancel until they absolutely have to. We are 100% still planning on our full summer schedule.
Can you make sure, at a minimum, each player is doing the following:
1) Stay in shape the best you can by running sprints in your yard or in the road 3-5x per week. Do all of the following each day:
5 – 30ft sprints 
5 – 60ft sprints 
5 – 120ft sprints
(you can change this up as much as you want but at a minimum please do this – you can also add some long distance running – stretch out properly beforehand)
2) Swing your bat everyday in your yard at least 75 swings per day. Some options are: 
a- dry swings (don’t hit any balls)
b- wiffle balls
c- tape balls (rip up newspaper and tape a small, golf ball size ball or smaller)
d- if you have a T and baseballs to then hit into a net.
Be creative!
3) play catch in your yard or street for 10 minutes everyday you can go outside for 3-5x per week. Work on short hops and or the small drills we do before each practice. Pitchers – you can work on mechanical stuff w/o throwing any balls. Also, if the temperature is below 45 degrees or its raining don’t play catch this day.
4) if you have any weights or cords at home, please use them. If you don’t have any strength equipment then use body weight exercises (ie push ups, sits ups, pull ups.) You can find a ton of great stuff online.
if there is a subject in school you are really struggling with then I highly encourage you to take 1 hr everyday and devote that entire time on that subject. There is a ton of stuff online that can help you plus I am 100% positive if you email your teacher they will lead you in the right direction. Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Just like practicing baseball everyday, you will get significantly better if you put the time in.
Please be Safe and Healthy!

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